Thursday, June 16, 2016

Detox, day ten

Day 10 done!  Unfortunately, the weight loss has slowed to a crawl - less than a half pound over the past three days combined (compared to over 8 pounds in the first 6), so clearly my body is adjusting. I don’t feel as utterly crappy this week as I did last week. ;) But I am still riddled with cravings and not particularly enjoying much that I do eat. I am so not a nut person, and nuts are a big component of this thing (along with green veggies which I detest).

However, I did get the ultimate blow to the ego today. I was at the gym and asked one of the personal trainers who was just working at a computer if she had a moment to help me do a body fat test. I know they have these handheld devices and it takes just seconds, and she said sure. Well, she didn’t pull out that device and instead got out a caliper (the awesome photo below).

Oh hell no. I was on the gym floor for this (off to the side, but still in plain view), and she first did my tricep (aka, my big floppy batwing), bicep and then went in for the ab measurement. She asked me where my hipbones were and then tried to measure near that (but over my shirt) – I don’t think she had the right spot, and she kept scolding me to “relax” (uh ok), and two or three humiliating minutes later, we were done. She wrote down the numbers (I know there was a 4th place but I can’t remember now) – and looked it up on a chart, and came back with THE SAME NUMBER I GOT EIGHT MONTHS AGO (and 34 pounds ago). Ahem.

That was a huge massive blow to my self-esteem. Was the machine I used last year (where I did see a drop of 6% body fat with a 10 pound weight loss earlier last year) at my old gym completely inaccurate? Did this gal today totally mess up her calculations?

I know to not get wrapped up in the numbers, but I really want the concrete proof that all this work is paying off. It’s a lot of hard work and frankly depravation. I have been frustrated that I haven’t really dropped any pants sizes, but now that I’m into summer clothes, I am noticing that most of my shorts from last year are too big. But I don’t want to buy the size that I fit in right now, so I have picked up some that are the next size down and will likely wear a belt with the older clothes until I can fit in new ones. ;) I am excited that I’m wearing a shirt today that I bought a year or two ago and realized when I got home that it didn’t fit – but now it does!

Just need to keep reminding myself that progress, however small and slow, is still progress...

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