Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting back into things

So, 2008 hasn't been a particularly great year. February 3, I hit my lowest weight in a decade in the morning, and in the afternoon, my grandfather passed away after a long and slow decline. While I went out to be with my family, my husband's mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Right after I return home, we find out it's stage four. She fought hard, but less than four months later, cancer took her.

So you can understand why my blog was abandoned for awhile there. I got way behind in my walking obviously, but have busted my butt to catch up and get ahead (which came in handy when I had a stomach bug two weeks ago and spent a few days in bed). My weight loss has definitely stalled - I'm about 7 pounds down for the year, which also means I'm now at a less than a pound lost per week pace. Fooey. I've walked over a thousand miles this year, so this makes me even more frustrated that I just can't shed the pounds appropriately. Hopefully the rest of the year will be nice and quiet and calm and I'll start seeing the pounds disappear.