Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Goals - January report

January is done! Let's review the goals:
  1. Lose three pounds each month.
    Such a massive fail, I don't even want to talk about it.  I'm posting the chart for accountability, but this sucked.  Been dealing with a family emergency and it definitely reflected in the scale.  Up 1.9 pounds for the month.
  2. Work out at least 20 days a month.
    Success: 23 days, which isn't as many as I had honestly hoped for, and definitely not as many dance classes as I would've liked.  But at least I met this goal, and honestly, without it I'm sure the weight would've been worse.  
  3. Hit my 10,000 steps a day average over the month.
    Success: 335,155 steps for the month - 10,811 steps average.  But you can see from the chart, there were some really bad days in there - 3 days with less than 5k steps per day.  Hopefully next month I can not have so many 'off' days, but I won't beat myself up about it.
  4. Cook one new (and healthy!) recipe a month.
    Met: just one, at the beginning of the month.  Gotta do this more.  
  5. Make gratitude a priority.
    Boy is this a challenge right now, with the family emergency and all - but I am definitely keeping up with my daily "happy" file, and also a separate gratitude journal.  Grateful that overall, my health is still better today than it was a year ago.
I'm going to be blunt here: February isn't likely to be better on the scale - but hopefully I can keep up on the rest of the goals.  There's a reason that I have non-scale-based goals too! :D