Wednesday, May 25, 2011

still keepin' on

Tiny goal #1 was only met for a day. ;) Oy. My weight, why do you hate me! Good news is that today, a week later, I'm only up 0.6 pounds from there - it had been 3 pounds at one point this weekend.

I was indeed ridiculously sore from that weight class last Wednesday - it hurt like hell to move on Thursday... Friday... Saturday... ;) I did make it the "gentle yoga" class on Thursday which was a good stretch, but then I spent a half hour on a treadmill at a steep incline, because apparently I hate myself. I did my zumba/water fitness combo on Friday and that felt good, even though I lumbered through both of those classes with less grace than normal. ;)

Monday, I did zumba, yesterday I did pilates and then zumba, and today, guess what I'll be doing tonight? ;) Zumba! I am digging it. I'm hoping to catch another zumba tomorrow, and then my zumba/water fitness combo on Friday (a full zumba class then I quickly change into my bathing suit and take a water fitness class).

Hopefully the weight will start to come off with all this cardio! ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First tiny goal met!

Last week I posted two goals:

First tiny goal: get back to the weight I was on 5/1: 3.8 pounds less than today
Second tiny goal: get back to the weight I was on my birthday: 8.4 pounds less than 5/1

Well, today I hit that first tiny goal! HOORAY! It's just a start (a small little start), but a start nonetheless. I have some weight-loss-challenges coming up this weekend - dinner out on Friday, birthday party on Saturday, another dinner out on Sunday... aie.

Today I slept in pretty late and then dragged myself out to a new-to-me-fitness class:
Club Power is a FULL BODY plate-loaded conditioning class with consistent choreography that is simple and fun combined with energizing music. It is a high intensity group strength-training program that uses 5-minute increments with pre-determined sets and repetitions for each muscle group.

This class completely and thoroughly kicked my butt. I have no clue how I'm going to move any muscles tomorrow (should I bring breakfast to my bed tonight to be safe?) ;) So very many squats and lunges and a crapload of arm/shoulder work. Ow. And it was so weird to be doing squats and exercises with weights while listening to pop music. I liked it, but I thought I was going to die. ;) Burned 536 calories, and barely walked down the stairs out of the exercise room - my legs were jelly!

I'm hoping to go to a "gentle yoga" class tomorrow, if I can move!

Monday, May 16, 2011

EA Sports Active 2 revisited

Took the weekend off since my neck was bothering me (oh, so that's why I don't usually do a lot of high impact workouts...), but today I got back into the swing of things and worked out at home. I started off with about a half hour with the Gold's Gym Cardio Dance Wii game (I still need to review that!), with my new best friend, my heart rate monitor. Great workout and it got me motivated to try EA Sports Active 2 again...

So with my heart rate monitor on (chest strap and big ol' wrist display), I strap on the EA wrist sensor (their HRM) and the leg strap and got going. I did a mix of activities and sadly, my heart rate monitor said I burned a lot less calories than the game said. I was curious about this, and did a single 10 minute step workout. I had been disappointed when I first got this game because the calorie count on the step workouts were much lower than in the first game. Well...

they're quite inflated from my heart rate monitor on this second game, which means the first game was *wildly* inaccurate on this. For the 10 minute workout, EA Sports said I burned 113 calories. My heart rate monitor said 86 calories. Both have the same weight/height/sex information, and both showed the same heart rate during the workouts. Inflating the calorie burn by over 30% is really, really disheartening. I am very disappointed in this, especially since I thought I was burning significantly more calories in this game than I really was...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Woo momentum!

I did make it out on Wednesday to sign up for the 30-day membership at my local gym, and then did a water fitness class. It was surprisingly more intense than the classes I took before my wedding - which is good! Unfortunately I had really beat up my arms & shoulders in pilates the day before, so yesterday was a day of pain. ;)

Today, I woke up early and met my friend for a morning Zumba class - and then I went straight from there to a water fitness class. According to my new heart rate monitor, I burned 684 calories in the Zumba class, and then during the water fitness class, I burned another 478 calories. Not bad for finishing before noon! ;)

Let's see how long this lasts. ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Well, that hasn't exactly worked as planned...

So, erm, yeah... at my highest weight in 4 years. Eight pounds gained in the past two weeks alone. What. The. $(#(@#**!

My motivation is out the window. It's ridiculous. A friend suggested I join her for a Zumba class last week, so I did that and it was fun (though my knees were sore and my calves were on fire for a few days!). I'm hoping to join her for another class this week. I'm actually going to try to get my butt out the door to go join my local gym (and a water fitness class in an hour), but gee, it's so much easier to just sit here on my couch and whine on blogger...

Wish something would click and my body would understand that this weight has got to go!

First tiny goal: get back to the weight I was on 5/1: 3.8 pounds less than today
Second tiny goal: get back to the weight I was on my birthday: 8.4 pounds less than 5/1

and then we'll worry about the additional 56 pounds I need to lose...