Tuesday, November 24, 2015

sloooowly but surely

So.  Currently below pre-pregnancy weight by a half pound - I was under it by a pound and a half before this weekend... doh.  I'm not doing the massive "YAY BIG GOAL MET" dance yet with Thanksgiving lurking two nights away.  ;)  But I am trying to be smart about things, and intend to work out extra on the day before and day after.  I also don't intend to take any leftovers home (if offered)!  I wouldn't mind picking up a turkey (either whole or breast) if I find one on a good sale, but I'm not running to multiple grocery stores before Saturday ;)  (I bought enough to get us through until then earlier this week!)

I'm frustrated because even though I'm down almost 30 pounds from a year ago, I'm still wearing the same jeans!  Shouldn't I be down a size or two?  They do loosen up as the day goes on, but they're snug when I put them on so I haven't tried anything smaller yet.  (And as any fat lady can tell you, I have a ton of jeans in many various sizes...)

Hoping to be down a pound perhaps by the end of the month?  Dream big, my friends! :D

Friday, November 6, 2015

working it out

Still moving down the scale, albeit slowly.  I actually saw my pre-pregnancy weight one day last week, but it was fleeting as Halloween festivities added some of that weight back.  I would love be solidly below that weight before Thanksgiving, but frankly... just making it through the next two months without gaining weight would be a big accomplishment.  I need to be realistic!

I haven't felt well yesterday or today, but I still dragged myself to workouts each day.  I just didn't have my heart in them (and it didn't help that this morning's class was oddly filled with elderly women with no rhythm - though I'm happy for them that they're exercising, I wish they would've gotten together in one area so those of us who actually wanted to dance could've had room!  I was so nervous I was going to kick a great-grandma!).

I'm really struggling with emotional eating these days.  Feeling very stressed, and my usual 'release' for that is to eat, especially things that are high in fat.  I don't get that rush of adrenaline after working out, which everyone says is great when you're stressed.  I didn't want to do the classes yesterday or today, but I know it's better to move than to eat. ;)  It's just frustrating that I really still want to eat, and I have to find better ways to cope with this stuff.  Suggestions welcomed. ;)