Friday, October 23, 2015

still going!

Today I hit another "new low" weight-wise, so that's exciting ;)  The roller coaster continues, but at least right now I'm on the right track (just in time for the weekend and the start of Halloween festivities!).  I'm going to a bunch of the dance workouts (typically 5-7 a week) so that's helping, I hope.  I really, really want to post a big happy "next goal met!" post in the next couple of weeks! :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

19.2 pounds of fat!

Currently I'm 5.1 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.  Yep, gained a pound or two over the past week and keep struggling to lose it again.  Doh.

On Saturday, I got another body composition scan done.  In the past three months, I've lost exactly 10 pounds - including 19.2 pounds of fat. OMG!!  I gained 3.0 pounds of muscle, and also 6.2 pounds of water.  The water part is very confusing to me (and to the trainer at the gym).  I know muscle holds more water than fat does, but 6.2 pounds is 3/4 of a gallon!  Weird.  (I didn't eat or drink or exercise for 4 hours before either scan.)  So I wonder if I have some weird inflammation issue going on, or something else.

But maaaaan... that 19.2 pounds of fat gone number was awesome. ;)  Here's to the next 19.2 (and the next, and the next...)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

still dancing

And I'm within five pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight!

I'm loving that I'm getting back into my dance fitness classes.  I even had another double dance day on Thursday. ;)  I think I might be overdoing it a smidge though, as my shoulders are sore for the past day so I am trying to not over-exert in the classes.  I am having fun though. ;)

Diet is, as always, an on-going challenge.  Going to a friend's house for sushi tonight, and he asked me to bring dessert.  So I bought a small fruit tart.  It should be enough to serve everyone one normal size serving, but it's not a big ol' chocolate cake or a dozen cookies where I could eat a bunch and not even notice.  I'm hoping the damage isn't too bad, and that I can continue losing weight and hit that big goal later this month!