Monday, September 24, 2012

This ain't easy

Woah, I had figured it would be hard adjusting to life with baby... but this is HARD!  My eating is awful these days - I barely get a chance to sit down and making healthy decisions is tough.  Especially when it is so easy to hit a drive-through with the baby in his carseat. It's ridiculous.  The lack of sleep really does make everything more difficult too.

I did finally buy a nice stroller and we have gone for a couple of walks. I have to not walk for too long or he falls asleep (which sounds nice but he needs to sleep for at least an hour and inevitably wakes up too soon in the stroller).  Today we walked for about 40 minutes and he stayed awake the whole time. If I can do that at least every other day, that would be great! 

And then we'll work on the healthy eating :)