Saturday, February 28, 2015

cookie diet, day 6

six pounds to go to my first goal!  I worked out yesterday and oh my gosh, I am ridiculously sore today - even brushing my teeth this morning educated me that perhaps I did too much on the triceps machine ;)

Last night, I ended up skipping a cookie because we were out in the evening before dinner, and this morning I missed one again while we were out.  Surprisingly, I've remember to bring a cookie with me if it's just me and child, but when my husband's with us, I keep forgetting!  Doh.  These flippin' cookies are so expensive so I'm definitely not throwing out the cookies!  So today's an oatmeal cookie day but I did swap one with yesterday's leftover chocolate chip cookie.  So wild. ;)  I'm probably going to have two leftover then from today (since I missed the mid-morning one), so I think things are going to get mixed up soon. :D

I think I handled a potentially "dangerous" situation well today.  I've been craving sushi - and my son LOVES sushi and asks for it all the time.  So today, I decided we could get some.  I ordered take-out, so we wouldn't be tempted to get more than originally ordered.  Our favorite sushi place does incredible bento boxes, so we got two, to-go.  One was chicken teriyaki (sauce on the side), salmon shioyaki (no sauce, it's just grilled) and sashimi (which is just raw fish, no rice).  The second was more chicken teriyaki, more sashimi and chicken katsu (fried - husband's favorite).  Each box comes with a salad, miso soup, rice, and four pieces of California roll.  It's a ton of food.  Awesome. :)  So I ate my salad (no dressing), three pieces of tuna sashimi and five pieces of salmon sashimi, and one piece of California roll.  No soy sauce.  I had a sip of miso but it was very salty to me so I skipped the rest.  I smeared a tiny bit wasabi on each piece of fish, and I did have a couple bites of the chicken teriyaki without sauce.  I saved the salmon shioyaki for dinner.

So... overall, pretty good.  I would've preferred nigiri (raw fish over rice), and rolls (usually I like spicy tuna - which has some mayo in there - and the shrimp tempura!), but man, that's a lot of damn calories.  So I think this met some of my sushi craving and hopefully didn't completely derail my diet.  I did make some "sushi" for my son (sashimi over rice, pseudo-nigiri-style!)

Still losing weight and that's really, really motivating.  Wish I could fast forward a month or two though!  Can't I just wake up 30 pounds lighter and promise that I'll still diet? ;)  I know, I know... it took 5 years to gain this weight, it's going to take more than a few weeks to lose it...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Goals, revisited

So.  Goals.  I'm frankly embarrassed and disheartened because I've set so many goals over the past decade and have failed 'em all by this point (even if I did meet them at that time).  But I need to let go of that guilt and move forward.  So here we go:

Goal 1: 16 pounds gone - weight 1 week after delivering baby 
Goal 2: 31 pounds gone - weight before getting pregnant 
Goal 3: 40 pounds gone 
Goal 4: 50 pounds gone 
Goal 5: 60 pounds gone 
Goal 6: 70 pounds gone 
Goal 7: 80 pounds gone 
Goal 8: 90 pounds gone 
Goal 9: 100 pounds gone 
Goal 10: 103 pounds gone 

As of right now, I'm halfway to goal #1.  I'm also going to revise the sidebar on here where I was roughly keeping track of my weight loss.  Yes, I had lost 90 pounds... but dammit, I gained 70 of that back (including during the pregnancy).  So, now I'm starting with that weight right before I gave birth (well, after my water broke!).  Surprisingly, I lost 16 pounds within a week of giving birth, and I remember thinking "oh thank goodness, I'm going to lose this pregnancy weight without years of struggles...".  Well, sadly, that didn't happen.  My pelvis/hip issue that arose during pregnancy (and worsened during delivery) really put a damper on things, and...

ok enough excuses.  Let's lose the damn weight already! ;)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

cookie diet, day four

Still chugging along... second day of the oatmeal raisin cookies.  The shine is definitely wearing off, but I'm getting results to chugging along I go!  Oy ;)  I did have some intense abdominal cramps this morning two hours before my alarm went off, but not sure if it's related to the cookies.  I'm hungry almost all the damn time, but I need to get the weight off and frankly, I've been indulging way too much the past 3 years.  I need to get in more exercise too, but... baby steps! ;)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

cookie diet, day two

In the midst of day two on the cookie diet and doing okay, but I'm not following it to the letter unfortunately.  It's nearly impossible to do this strictly while raising a toddler.  I have to feed him 3 meals and a snack (plus at least one meal for my husband!), and it's too hard.  So last night, I made ground turkey in tomato sauce with whole wheat pasta.  I gave myself a double portion of the sauce (which was sugar-free no-salt-added) and none of the pasta.  But I did have a couple of grapes and a strawberry at lunch.  And today I had an ounce of cheese with lunch too.  I'm so wild. ;)  

Today I'm eating the oatmeal raisin cookies for the first time.  They're not bad... not as good as the chocolate chip cookies, but still edible.  I was out when I needed to eat one of them, but had brought it with me and ate it in the car while driving to some errands.  Nice that it's portable!

Oh, and today I did start off with a small protein shake (70 calories for 13 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar) before I ate my first cookie.  Not sure if it helped a lot, but right now I'm not rocking a huge headache so that's good (yesterday I did get a headache after I posted here).  

So the dinners seem like a challenge - how to prepare proteins that the whole family will enjoy with me not adding in any carbs for myself. ;)  I bought pork loin and a turkey breast and more ground turkey today, not sure which I'm cooking for dinner tonight yet.  None of them are particularly exciting, especially on their own! ;)  

I'm not going to focus extensively on the numbers on the scale, but instead look at the trend.  Yes, I had a nice weight loss this morning, but I'm still above where I was a week ago (before my birthday...) and Sunday night I overate at an Oscars party, so a weight loss this morning was to be expected. ;)  Hopefully the scale will continue to nudge down!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cookie diet, day one

Ahhhh, here we go again.  Weight is way up, and I'm just struggling so hard to lose the weight and finding it difficult to get into it.

So, I feel like I need to do something "drastic" - and I'm going on the "cookie diet".  I bought a bunch of the Smart For Life cookies from Costco and today, it begins!

(first pet peeve: that photo is from their web site, and shows seven cookies in that pack, but there are only six!)

Basically, you're supposed to eat one cookie every two hours, skipping breakfast and lunch, and then eat 10-12 ounces of lean protein and 5 cups of veggies for dinner.  And drink a ton of water with each cookie.

Here are the stats for the chocolate chip cookies that I'm eating today:

Nutrition Facts for 1 cookie
Calories 100
Total Fat 3.5 g
Saturated Fat 1.5 g
Trans Fat 0
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 135 mg
Carb 9 g
Fiber 2 g
Sugars 3 g
Protein 6 g

OK, so multiply that times six, and you're eating 600 calories, 12 grams of fiber and 36 grams of protein. Not enough!  The diet guidelines do say that you can eat some of the 10-12 ounces of protein at lunch if you wish, so I did have 2 ounces at lunch.  Should've had more.  I think I also need to start off with a protein shake as well - I'm used to more protein during the day, and I think not having as much is definitely having an impact on me (hello, headache!).  So I'll adjust for that tomorrow (and eat maybe 3-4 ounces of protein at lunch).  I am concerned about the fiber too - the guidelines explicitly forbid beans, which is a typical great source of fiber (and protein).  I usually get a bunch from fruit, and that too is forbidden because of the sugar content.  I see much spinach in my future.

My initial review of the chocolate chip cookie is that it isn't too bad.  There are just a couple of chips in each cookie (I only found one in my last cookie, sadly) - but these aren't bad at all.  I wouldn't go out of my way to eat these normally, and I wouldn't serve them to a guest at a party, but I'm not stabbing myself yet at having to eat these.  I've read that they're better if you warm them up for 10 seconds in the microwave, but I haven't tried that yet.  Honestly, since they're okay at room temp for me right now, I'm saving the warming-up-trick for when I inevitably get tired of them. ;)

So here we go.  Wish me luck, and willpower ;)