Friday, February 27, 2015

Goals, revisited

So.  Goals.  I'm frankly embarrassed and disheartened because I've set so many goals over the past decade and have failed 'em all by this point (even if I did meet them at that time).  But I need to let go of that guilt and move forward.  So here we go:

Goal 1: 16 pounds gone - weight 1 week after delivering baby 
Goal 2: 31 pounds gone - weight before getting pregnant 
Goal 3: 40 pounds gone 
Goal 4: 50 pounds gone 
Goal 5: 60 pounds gone 
Goal 6: 70 pounds gone 
Goal 7: 80 pounds gone 
Goal 8: 90 pounds gone 
Goal 9: 100 pounds gone 
Goal 10: 103 pounds gone 

As of right now, I'm halfway to goal #1.  I'm also going to revise the sidebar on here where I was roughly keeping track of my weight loss.  Yes, I had lost 90 pounds... but dammit, I gained 70 of that back (including during the pregnancy).  So, now I'm starting with that weight right before I gave birth (well, after my water broke!).  Surprisingly, I lost 16 pounds within a week of giving birth, and I remember thinking "oh thank goodness, I'm going to lose this pregnancy weight without years of struggles...".  Well, sadly, that didn't happen.  My pelvis/hip issue that arose during pregnancy (and worsened during delivery) really put a damper on things, and...

ok enough excuses.  Let's lose the damn weight already! ;)

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