Tuesday, February 24, 2015

cookie diet, day two

In the midst of day two on the cookie diet and doing okay, but I'm not following it to the letter unfortunately.  It's nearly impossible to do this strictly while raising a toddler.  I have to feed him 3 meals and a snack (plus at least one meal for my husband!), and it's too hard.  So last night, I made ground turkey in tomato sauce with whole wheat pasta.  I gave myself a double portion of the sauce (which was sugar-free no-salt-added) and none of the pasta.  But I did have a couple of grapes and a strawberry at lunch.  And today I had an ounce of cheese with lunch too.  I'm so wild. ;)  

Today I'm eating the oatmeal raisin cookies for the first time.  They're not bad... not as good as the chocolate chip cookies, but still edible.  I was out when I needed to eat one of them, but had brought it with me and ate it in the car while driving to some errands.  Nice that it's portable!

Oh, and today I did start off with a small protein shake (70 calories for 13 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar) before I ate my first cookie.  Not sure if it helped a lot, but right now I'm not rocking a huge headache so that's good (yesterday I did get a headache after I posted here).  

So the dinners seem like a challenge - how to prepare proteins that the whole family will enjoy with me not adding in any carbs for myself. ;)  I bought pork loin and a turkey breast and more ground turkey today, not sure which I'm cooking for dinner tonight yet.  None of them are particularly exciting, especially on their own! ;)  

I'm not going to focus extensively on the numbers on the scale, but instead look at the trend.  Yes, I had a nice weight loss this morning, but I'm still above where I was a week ago (before my birthday...) and Sunday night I overate at an Oscars party, so a weight loss this morning was to be expected. ;)  Hopefully the scale will continue to nudge down!

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