Sunday, February 24, 2008

On hiatus

My mother-in-law has been diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer, so our world has been turned upside down and we're helping her start treatment. I'm trying to keep up with my steps and my healthy eating, but it's difficult - she's having such a hard time eating anything, so we're all about getting more protein and calories into her, so there are all kinds of diet-killing-items around here.

Good thoughts appreciated...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Keeping pace

I assume my weigh-in tomorrow will be quite unpleasant - family visit + my birthday dinner + 2 birthday lunches + 3 different birthday cakes = gain!

At least I'm keeping pace with my steps - 10,000 a day for a goal of 3.66 million steps for the year. As of tonight, I've done 503400 steps - needed 500,000 to keep pace, and that's where I am.

I have light healthy breakfasts & lunches planned for the next two days, and then I have to go out of town again. Doh. Hopefully I can keep getting those steps in at least - it will pay off eventually, right?

I am down 50 pounds from what I weighed last birthday. It would phenomenal to be down 50 pounds more next birthday.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Catching up

Sorry for not posting for a little while there - I was out of town with family after my grandpa's passing. I did get a couple of workouts in while I was out there, but I won't be surprised if my weight bounces up a bit - especially with my birthday tomorrow! Woo!

I want to finish up more posts about kitchen essentials - and then little tips about ways to cut calories. Hopefully I'll get to these this week.

Hope all is going well for everyone out in blogland! ;)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Kitchen essentials: in the fridge

I'll be out of town next week and I've been thinking about food a lot - what do I consider my essential items? Let's start with the fridge:
  • eggs! I am a huge fan of eggs - egg whites in particular. I'm usually starting my mornings with three eggs - either hard-boiled (tossing out the yolks) or scrambled (one complete egg and two extra whites).
  • skim milk - I've been drinking skim for well over a decade so I don't taste any difference.
  • salad - baby spinach always, plus usually some romaine hearts or mixed greens
  • Kraft 2% Milk Sharp Cheddar Singles - yes yes, it's processed, but it's 50 calories and melts like a dream. I don't use it often, but when I do, it's oh-so-good
  • light sour cream - LOVE it!
  • non-fat Greek yogurt - Trader Joe's house brand is great, as is Fage. Love the thick texture and I toss in some Fiber One cereal or fruit and it's a great treat.
  • English cucumbers - thin skin, but I still get rid of the seeds before using. I make my own tzatziki with the Greek yogurt, garlic, and dill with the diced cucumber. Yum!
  • Laughing Cow light wedges - hooray, tasty cheesey substance and low in calories and a decent amount of protein.
Next, freezer and then pantry...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another week, another 2.2 pounds gone!

Despite the stress and sadness this week, I was able to lose another 2.2 pounds (though I did gain 0.6 from Sunday's big low). I also walked 71700 steps, so I'm only behind 3900 on the year to hit 3.66 million steps. Would love to break even by next week - at least by the end of the month!

Big weight loss challenges ahead - heading back home for five days to be with family after my grandpa's passing, so I'm imagining some less-than-healthy foods and below-freezing temps so no outside walks. And less than two weeks until my birthday - CAAAAAAAAKE!

Nice temperatures here for the rest of the week, so more walks in my future!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Inspiration for healthy living

My grandfather was an avid golfer and loved to take those long walks in the morning. He was very active throughout his life, until a shoulder injury he sustained while on a walk started to rob him of his health. After a long battle, he passed away this afternoon. He would've turned ninety this spring.

This morning, I hit my lowest weight in at least a decade. I was so elated about that - and I know that my weight loss is happening in good part due to my decision to walk more. I wasn't able to share my weight loss success with my grandfather, but I know he'd be proud of me for this. Until he got injured, he had a long and healthy life - and I know that his walks (with a little white ball) and good diet had a lot to do with that. I want to have good health and be involved in my future children's and grandchildren's lives, and I'm working towards that now.

Thank you, Grandpa, for setting a great example.

Friday, February 1, 2008

No dining out for the obese

Saw this headline today: Mississippi To Ban Fat People From Eating In Public!?
"The Mississippi State House is proposing a law that would ban restaurants from serving people with a BMI higher than 30."

Found a good post about it over at Junkfood Science where she contacted the legislator who submitted the bill.

I'm sure the blogosphere is going to go wild over this. My BMI right now is 30.6 - but if I lose 5 pounds, I would be allowed to eat there. But that's only if I'm naked. I'd probably need to lose 10 pounds to be able to wear clothes. Or maybe less if I wear sandals and shorts.

Of course, I'm immensely curious to Representative W.T. Mayhall, Jr.'s BMI, and his wife, "the former Minnie Melton".