Friday, February 1, 2008

No dining out for the obese

Saw this headline today: Mississippi To Ban Fat People From Eating In Public!?
"The Mississippi State House is proposing a law that would ban restaurants from serving people with a BMI higher than 30."

Found a good post about it over at Junkfood Science where she contacted the legislator who submitted the bill.

I'm sure the blogosphere is going to go wild over this. My BMI right now is 30.6 - but if I lose 5 pounds, I would be allowed to eat there. But that's only if I'm naked. I'd probably need to lose 10 pounds to be able to wear clothes. Or maybe less if I wear sandals and shorts.

Of course, I'm immensely curious to Representative W.T. Mayhall, Jr.'s BMI, and his wife, "the former Minnie Melton".

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