Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Keeping pace

I assume my weigh-in tomorrow will be quite unpleasant - family visit + my birthday dinner + 2 birthday lunches + 3 different birthday cakes = gain!

At least I'm keeping pace with my steps - 10,000 a day for a goal of 3.66 million steps for the year. As of tonight, I've done 503400 steps - needed 500,000 to keep pace, and that's where I am.

I have light healthy breakfasts & lunches planned for the next two days, and then I have to go out of town again. Doh. Hopefully I can keep getting those steps in at least - it will pay off eventually, right?

I am down 50 pounds from what I weighed last birthday. It would phenomenal to be down 50 pounds more next birthday.

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