Friday, February 1, 2019

catching up

Hi there.  I didn't realize I hadn't updated this blog in months!  Oops!

So here's the latest.  The car accident in July really messed me up - I'm still in a lot of constant pain in both ankles, lower back, and neck.  It's so very deeply frustrating.  My exercising is almost non-existent, and even walking hurts a lot.  I don't even want to post my steps or anything, because it's dismal (and of course, I've gained a ton of weight too).

I don't really have set goals for 2019 like I've had in previous years.  Honestly, I'm really depressed about the unending pain and not being able to do the things I love.  Hopefully things will start to turn around soon - just started with a new water therapist and hopefully a referral to a new physical medicine doctor will come through soon.  Here's hoping things perk up soon!