Saturday, February 28, 2015

cookie diet, day 6

six pounds to go to my first goal!  I worked out yesterday and oh my gosh, I am ridiculously sore today - even brushing my teeth this morning educated me that perhaps I did too much on the triceps machine ;)

Last night, I ended up skipping a cookie because we were out in the evening before dinner, and this morning I missed one again while we were out.  Surprisingly, I've remember to bring a cookie with me if it's just me and child, but when my husband's with us, I keep forgetting!  Doh.  These flippin' cookies are so expensive so I'm definitely not throwing out the cookies!  So today's an oatmeal cookie day but I did swap one with yesterday's leftover chocolate chip cookie.  So wild. ;)  I'm probably going to have two leftover then from today (since I missed the mid-morning one), so I think things are going to get mixed up soon. :D

I think I handled a potentially "dangerous" situation well today.  I've been craving sushi - and my son LOVES sushi and asks for it all the time.  So today, I decided we could get some.  I ordered take-out, so we wouldn't be tempted to get more than originally ordered.  Our favorite sushi place does incredible bento boxes, so we got two, to-go.  One was chicken teriyaki (sauce on the side), salmon shioyaki (no sauce, it's just grilled) and sashimi (which is just raw fish, no rice).  The second was more chicken teriyaki, more sashimi and chicken katsu (fried - husband's favorite).  Each box comes with a salad, miso soup, rice, and four pieces of California roll.  It's a ton of food.  Awesome. :)  So I ate my salad (no dressing), three pieces of tuna sashimi and five pieces of salmon sashimi, and one piece of California roll.  No soy sauce.  I had a sip of miso but it was very salty to me so I skipped the rest.  I smeared a tiny bit wasabi on each piece of fish, and I did have a couple bites of the chicken teriyaki without sauce.  I saved the salmon shioyaki for dinner.

So... overall, pretty good.  I would've preferred nigiri (raw fish over rice), and rolls (usually I like spicy tuna - which has some mayo in there - and the shrimp tempura!), but man, that's a lot of damn calories.  So I think this met some of my sushi craving and hopefully didn't completely derail my diet.  I did make some "sushi" for my son (sashimi over rice, pseudo-nigiri-style!)

Still losing weight and that's really, really motivating.  Wish I could fast forward a month or two though!  Can't I just wake up 30 pounds lighter and promise that I'll still diet? ;)  I know, I know... it took 5 years to gain this weight, it's going to take more than a few weeks to lose it...

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