Tuesday, November 24, 2015

sloooowly but surely

So.  Currently below pre-pregnancy weight by a half pound - I was under it by a pound and a half before this weekend... doh.  I'm not doing the massive "YAY BIG GOAL MET" dance yet with Thanksgiving lurking two nights away.  ;)  But I am trying to be smart about things, and intend to work out extra on the day before and day after.  I also don't intend to take any leftovers home (if offered)!  I wouldn't mind picking up a turkey (either whole or breast) if I find one on a good sale, but I'm not running to multiple grocery stores before Saturday ;)  (I bought enough to get us through until then earlier this week!)

I'm frustrated because even though I'm down almost 30 pounds from a year ago, I'm still wearing the same jeans!  Shouldn't I be down a size or two?  They do loosen up as the day goes on, but they're snug when I put them on so I haven't tried anything smaller yet.  (And as any fat lady can tell you, I have a ton of jeans in many various sizes...)

Hoping to be down a pound perhaps by the end of the month?  Dream big, my friends! :D

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