Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Goal #2 Accomplished and pondering a big reward

Goal 1: 16 pounds gone - weight 1 week after delivering baby -- DONE!   
Goal 2: 31 pounds gone - weight before getting pregnant -- DONE!!
Goal 3: 40 pounds gone 
Goal 4: 50 pounds gone
Goal 5: 60 pounds gone 
Goal 6: 70 pounds gone 
Goal 7: 80 pounds gone 
Goal 8: 90 pounds gone 
Goal 9: 100 pounds gone 
Goal 10: 103 pounds gone 

I've been at this second goal - or beyond - for a couple of weeks now, but I've been so nervous that I'm going to slide back over that weight again with the holidays!  Ugh!  I'm trying hard to make sure that I don't fail... ;)

I'm pondering a big reward for hitting this big goal - and a big birthday coming up in two months.  I'm considering going to a destination spa or weight loss resort for a few nights (perhaps up to a week?).  I've been looking into places such as:
There are other spas and resorts, of course, but I'm looking mostly at places in California and Arizona to cut down on travel time.  Green Mountain at Fox Run in Vermont looks incredible though...

Have any of you ever gone to one of these incredible places, or have a friend who has done so?  I am so curious.  The prices are staggering, so that's holding me back from booking anything.  I would love to hear from anyone who's visited!

Here's to happy and healthy holidays for all! :)

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