Wednesday, May 25, 2011

still keepin' on

Tiny goal #1 was only met for a day. ;) Oy. My weight, why do you hate me! Good news is that today, a week later, I'm only up 0.6 pounds from there - it had been 3 pounds at one point this weekend.

I was indeed ridiculously sore from that weight class last Wednesday - it hurt like hell to move on Thursday... Friday... Saturday... ;) I did make it the "gentle yoga" class on Thursday which was a good stretch, but then I spent a half hour on a treadmill at a steep incline, because apparently I hate myself. I did my zumba/water fitness combo on Friday and that felt good, even though I lumbered through both of those classes with less grace than normal. ;)

Monday, I did zumba, yesterday I did pilates and then zumba, and today, guess what I'll be doing tonight? ;) Zumba! I am digging it. I'm hoping to catch another zumba tomorrow, and then my zumba/water fitness combo on Friday (a full zumba class then I quickly change into my bathing suit and take a water fitness class).

Hopefully the weight will start to come off with all this cardio! ;)

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