Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First tiny goal met!

Last week I posted two goals:

First tiny goal: get back to the weight I was on 5/1: 3.8 pounds less than today
Second tiny goal: get back to the weight I was on my birthday: 8.4 pounds less than 5/1

Well, today I hit that first tiny goal! HOORAY! It's just a start (a small little start), but a start nonetheless. I have some weight-loss-challenges coming up this weekend - dinner out on Friday, birthday party on Saturday, another dinner out on Sunday... aie.

Today I slept in pretty late and then dragged myself out to a new-to-me-fitness class:
Club Power is a FULL BODY plate-loaded conditioning class with consistent choreography that is simple and fun combined with energizing music. It is a high intensity group strength-training program that uses 5-minute increments with pre-determined sets and repetitions for each muscle group.

This class completely and thoroughly kicked my butt. I have no clue how I'm going to move any muscles tomorrow (should I bring breakfast to my bed tonight to be safe?) ;) So very many squats and lunges and a crapload of arm/shoulder work. Ow. And it was so weird to be doing squats and exercises with weights while listening to pop music. I liked it, but I thought I was going to die. ;) Burned 536 calories, and barely walked down the stairs out of the exercise room - my legs were jelly!

I'm hoping to go to a "gentle yoga" class tomorrow, if I can move!

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