Monday, June 13, 2016

Detox, days six and seven

The tragedy in Orlando yesterday made me so deeply sad, and I just did not feel like blogging last night - my apologies for skipping a daily post.  I am still so very heartbroken for the innocent folks who were just out enjoying a night of dancing and have had their lives cut short.

It still feels trite for me to post about my weight loss and detox and all of that, but that's what this blog is for and I am using it to help keep myself accountable.  So here goes.

Yesterday morning, both husband and I weighed ourselves and were delighted to see that the scale shows a few pounds gone - and of course, he lost a quarter-pound more than I did, despite my daily workouts and 10,000 steps and his average 2,000 steps. ;)  Wish I had his metabolism! :D

I am feeling more adjusted to all of this now, at least.  I still have a persistent headache, but its severity has lessened, thankfully.  I think the tinnitus is getting back to normal too (which still sucks, but at least it sucks less).

The one lingering issue I'm dealing with is the lightheadedness.  It's slightly better today than yesterday, but I'm still often getting a big thump in my head and feeling like the walls are closing in for a few seconds when I get up from being seated for a little while.  Ugh!  My doctor is hoping that it's just an electrolyte imbalance, so I'm trying nuun active at her recommendation (review to come, I'm sure!).  I'm also still trying to add salt when I can.  Hopefully this is resolving!

I am still very much wishing for a warm chocolate chip cookie or a piece of cake though.  ;)

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