Thursday, June 30, 2016

Detox, day 24: wheat

Today's reintroduction - wheat.  I'm breaking this into two separate reintroductions, because I am a bit anxious about bread. ;)  I feel like I bloat up when I eat bread, so today we are trying pure wheat, in simple one-ingredient whole wheat pasta.  Cold pasta salad for lunch and a hot pasta for dinner - I managed to avoid tomato sauce in the pasta too, since we think it gives my husband heartburn and we want to try to eliminate all the possible variables.

I think I'm feeling okay overall these days. I'm definitely not as energetic as I had hoped I would be, given all these "bad" things I've eliminated in my diet.  But I do at least have the energy for my daily hour of dance workouts! :D

For future reference: went 23 days gluten-free and don't feel anything awesome in particular so I don't really think that gluten-free is the complete answer for me.  Maybe gluten-less-often though?

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