Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Detox, days eight and nine

Woo, day nine is almost over!  Exciting.

Thankfully, I think I'm adjusting more now.  Less headaches.  Less lightheaded spells, but I'm doing an electrolyte shot once a day (probably should do it twice a day).  Mostly just having them in the morning before I eat anything - so perhaps get to breakfast more quickly if possible?  (Not so easy to do with a slowpoke preschooler in the morning!)

I'm still hungry often, and the sugar cravings have NOT gone away.  I don't know if they ever will (but hey, I've got 12 more days to find out... ahem), but I'm definitely used to the meals more now.  I still need to work on eating more veggies though.

On a completely different topic, someone commented tonight on an old post about my beloved Trader Joe's Whole Grain Plus Bread not being available in their local stores.  I did happen to look for it today when picking up food for my son, and it wasn't at our store either!  (I went with our backup option of Whole Wheat Lavash - need to review that some time too!)  If you've seen this bread lately - or know why it's missing, please let us know!

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