Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Detox, day two

Ugh.  I've survived day two but feel like crap tonight.  Really nauseated, on top of tired and mild headache and lightheadedness.  Ugh!

Food was very similar to yesterday, but I worked out this morning and then took a ujam fitness class tonight too, and I think that was overdoing it.  I am definitely heading to bed early tonight.  I am tracking my food with myfitnesspal again, and I worry that I'm not eating enough (well, especially tonight with the second workout), so I need to think about this going forward.

I must tell you the good news though - I did lose over two pounds after that first day. ;)  Shall be interesting to see how the next 19 days go -- I don't expect a two pound loss every day, but hopefully at least 0.2 pounds ;)

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