Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Detox, day sixteen

Still chugging along.  Feeling okay-ish, but definitely still not FABULOUS yet, which was what was promised. ;)

Emailed with my doctor today about the end game on all of this, and she sent me an elimination diet plan that she likes.  It's very similar to the 21 day thing I'm doing already, but has more specific instructions on how to do the reintroductions.  Surprisingly, it says you only need to leave one day for recovery after each new reintroduction - but it does say that you should split things out into more groups.  So here's our new plan:

  1. oatmeal (plain, gluten-free)
  2. whole wheat (pasta, no yeast or baking soda or other possible issues)
  3. bread (sourdough, which has no added sugar to help focus on just the gluten)
  4. cheese/yogurt (cows milk-based)
  5. corn
  6. rice
  7. soy
  8. cows milk
  9. beans (including chickpeas - yay hummus)
  10. peanuts
  11. barley
Wild, eh? ;)  But when you add in the two days... yep, it's doubling our 21 day detox to 43 days.  And if anything triggers a reaction, the protocol says to try it again at the end of the list - but hey, at least by then we'd have a ton of other things added back in! :D

It's really motivating to see the light at the end of the tunnel - even if that light is just oatmeal to start ;)

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Samantha Warren said...

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