Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Detox, days fourteen and fifteen (and next steps)

Welp.  Had my first big weight GAIN while on this fun detox of funtimes.  Up 1.2 pounds in one day (yesterday morning), and only lost 0.4 of it this morning.  Lame.  Really, really demotivating when you're doing this big-time depravation thing!

Still trying to figure out how to better get in my calories and fat needs, and not wait until the end of the day to go "oops, I should still eat another 300 calories...".  This is still a work-in-progress, that's for sure.

I'm feeling a bit better overall - not awesome yet, but definitely don't have the big headaches and nausea and as much lightheadedness as before.  (occasionally lightheaded though...)

I am looking ahead though - after these 21 days are up, then I will work on reintroducing food groups in (so honestly, this is more like a 30-40 day detox).  Husband and I are trying to figure out what order to tackle them in ;)  These are the groups:

  • non-gluten grains (oatmeal, corn, rice, gluten-free bread)
  • gluten (real bread - may need to split this out later to wheat vs. wheat+yeast though)
  • cows cheese/yogurt
  • cows milk
  • legumes (soy, beans, peanuts)
  • ice cream (yes, ice cream - I think I have an issue with cows milk, so we'll test that first, and if I *do* have an issue with that, I'll later try ice cream to see if that is any different!)
Basically, we'll add in one group for one day (try to have it 2-3 times over the course of that day) and then go back to the detox diet for two days and see if there is any reaction.  If none, then that food is good to go!  Husband is really itching for the gluten one - he really misses bread - so I think we might do the non-gluten grains first, and then three days later go for full-on delicious warm sourdough bread ;)  I do wonder if yeast has any effect, so if there is a reaction to the bread, I'll want to try another test group of just the gluten (whole wheat pasta, for example) without any yeast or baking soda or anything like that.  

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