Saturday, June 11, 2016

Detox, day five

Overall, feeling better - maybe less of a headache finally?  Still frustrated with the tinnitus though.  I was able to switch things up and do my workout in the morning - which I loved!  I really prefer to get it done in the morning, but scheduling doesn't allow that on weekdays.  I ate two hard boiled eggs as soon as I got home after the workout, in addition to my regular breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Both last night and tonight, we roasted minced cauliflower and sweet potato fries - YUM.  I know I shouldn't eat all that starch from the sweet potatoes every night, so we'll definitely skip it tomorrow but it was a nice break.

Happy to report that I haven't had any nausea today, but sadly I have still battled with lightheadedness, especially after getting up from sitting for even 10 minutes.  Blah.

So very thankful that my husband is going for this ride with me.  :)

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