Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Detox, day 22: oats

Hooray for reintroductions!  During the reintroduction phase, we'll add one new food - and 2-3 servings of it - each day, followed by one day back on the detox (and more if needed to 'recover').

Today we started off with oats, so I made a serving of oatmeal - certified gluten-free plain oats made with water and cinnamon - for breakfast to eat with my usual smoothie.  However, it was just too much for me, so I ate about half of it for breakfast and saved the rest for lunch.

Last night I baked oatmeal cookies that were only oatmeal, unsweetened applesauce (which I hadn't eaten since pre-detox), cashew butter, cinnamon, vanilla and salt - I omitted the raisins and sweetener listed in the recipe, and actually doubled the amount of oats.  I ate two of them as a late morning snack and discovered I shouldn't have done that - it was just carbs on an empty stomach, so I was hungrier more quickly.

I've got 3 more left to eat tonight (to equal that second serving of the target food) and will have them alongside dinner so I won't have such a carb hit at the same time.  These aren't particularly tasty - they definitely need the raisins and the sugar would've been nice.  However, these are relatively low calorie/sugar/carb for an oatmeal cookie - mine came out to 73 calories, 4g fat, 3g carbs, 1g sugar, 1g fiber 2g protein for each cookie.  

I'm heading to a concert tonight and instead of grabbing take-out on the way or eating at the venue, I'm bringing dinner with me: leftover chicken thighs, cucumbers, lettuce and my last oatmeal cookies. I'm planning to eat an ounce or two of chicken and one of those cookies with a dollop of cashew butter before I head out to the show since I'm planning to park a 30 minute walk away (traffic leaving this venue is always horrendous, so instead of spending an hour in the car stressing out about not making any progress, might as well walk for 30 minutes and hopefully have less traffic from there).

Wish me luck!

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