Monday, May 31, 2010

Elimination diet, day twenty-five

Today was peanuts - no reactions there, thankfully. I do love some peanut butter though - so bad for my thighs, but so freakin' tasty.

Memorial Day, so of course we went to a BBQ at a friend's house. Again, very difficult to eat out while doing this elimination diet. I brought two turkey burgers and a big fruit salad. Unfortunately, one of the turkey burgers was sacrificed to the grill gods, but thankfully the host's BBQ'd pork shoulder was okay for me to eat (no sauce, just paprika and salt). The fruit salad was a huge hit, which sadly meant no leftovers for me. ;) But everything else was off-limits - a blueberry coffee cake, flour tortillas, cheese, sour cream, carne asada (don't know what it was marinated in at the store), potato salad, macaroni salad (with bacon *and* cheese), and then an insane chocolate/cream cheese cake. And chips and cheetos and such as well. Sigh.

When I'm done with this elimination diet, I still will have to watch what I eat like a hawk. I will have a bite or two of that cake, but I can't go overboard like everyone else did - I was kinda surprised to see how much food everyone ate! And the fruit salad was the only moderately healthy option! Aie!

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