Saturday, May 15, 2010

Elimination diet, day nine

The hardest thing about this so far has been the pressure to find the right protein for each day. It can be insane! Luckily, I've got my protein for today and the next two days squared away, so that's good.

The thing I learned today is that it's hard to go out without planning about food - I ended up delaying lunch by three (!!) hours because I was out and running errands (looking for these silly proteins actually) and got trapped without something appropriate to eat. I ended up inhaling a banana while walking to another store at one point.

No major food reactions today, yay! Today was testing the rice/lamb/pears, and I had brown rice twice but no reaction (the first day I had some serious stomach and intestinal grumblings which I thought were because of the brown rice, but perhaps was just my body settling into things?)

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