Thursday, May 20, 2010

Elimination diet, day fourteen - HALFWAY DONE! ;)

Woo, halfway there!

However, this sore throat thing is terribly annoying. I'm also really tired and blah. I called my doctor's office this morning and they had me come in since it sounded like strep - but the rapid strep test came back negative, so that's good. They also did a throat culture but probably won't hear back until Monday on that, and hopefully I'll be feeling fantastic by then. ;)

Back to the elimination diet! Today I was supposed to tackle salmon, ginger and oats. I made steel-cut oats for breakfast (tasty but not sure if it's worth the effort), and did salmon sashimi for lunch. But I bailed on the ginger - I know I have issues with it, so I couldn't do it for breakfast or lunch due to meetings at work this afternoon. So perhaps I will get the guts to do it tomorrow morning (and then perhaps the rest of the day in the bathroom, blargh).

I've hit the majority of the quantity in this elimination diet, and now the focus turns to just an item or two each day, since these are higher-allergenic foods. My weight, surprisingly, has gone back up - I had been down 10 pounds from the start, but I've gained almost two pounds back. I think it's all the brown rice that I've been eating the past few days. Need to get more variety in my carbs!

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