Friday, May 7, 2010

Elimination diet, day one

Did someone say this was going to be easy? Not me... aie.

First lesson, if you're going to have rice for breakfast, cook it the night before. ;)

The first four days are super-basic: pears, rice, lamb and lentils. Had a pear while cooking the brown rice for breakfast. The lamb took a long time to cook, but I eventually had some with more brown rice. A pear for a snack later. And of course, I'm hungry and really want something sweet. ;) I don't want to overdo on the pears, but I'll probably have another one after dinner (perhaps lamb?). I'll try cooking some lentils with dinner too.

I'm missing spices a lot too - would be nice to add some flavor to these rather bland foods. And really missing sweets. I love sweets, but I know I need to scale back, so this is ultimately a good thing but it's annoying. ;)

My stomach and intestines have been making all kinds of grumbly sounds this afternoon, but I went too long without eating (the lamb took almost two hours!). Hopefully this evening will go okay, and tomorrow will go even better.

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