Thursday, May 13, 2010

Elimination diet, day seven

Big lesson learned - buy the food you need (especially proteins) the day BEFORE you need to eat it. I spent over two hours tonight trying to find some duck, my protein for today. I found a place with frozen duck breasts but I'd have to buy the package (3 of 'em) for almost $30, and that wasn't going to happen. Another place had a whole frozen duck, also about $30, and I'm no butcher. WTF with me not being able to find a simple single duck breast? I should've gone to a French restaurant and just asked if I could buy one off them.

Finally, I found duck eggs at an Asian grocery (sold out of grown ducks). However, if you need pork uterus, I know where to send you now. Blargh.

One thing to note is that my stomach ends up hurting when I get stressed out, and I definitely got stressed during this shopping madness this evening - so my belly is hurting and I have to hope it's because of that and not because of something I ate. Feh!

Anyway, yesterday was the first day I didn't lose weight on this - gained 0.2 pounds, which is negligible but still, every other day I've lost at least a half pound. I think I overdid it with the sweet potatoes, so perhaps that caused something to change.

Today was millet with banana for breakfast, tuna sashimi for lunch, banana and walnuts for a snack and some baby carrots later, and the duck eggs (scrambled) for dinner along with pineapple. I am now slipping on some of the things I'm supposed to have tried - yesterday was peppermint/oregano/basil (just didn't sound good on yesterday's fish and today's scrambled eggs), maple syrup (meant to try it with the millet) and rhubarb (it's in the fridge, just too tired to try to figure it out right now). I'll try to catch up one those in the next day or two, though tomorrow I get honey so I'd probably push the maple syrup to another day.

Tomorrow's protein is rabbit, but I don't really eat rabbit, and I didn't see any in all of my shopping tonight, so my plan is to try a different protein that's not on my list for any of the other days: bison. I enjoyed some tasty frozen bison burgers from Trader Joe's a couple weeks ago, so should be good to make sure it's a good fit for my intestines! ;)

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