Monday, May 17, 2010

Elimination diet, day ten aftermath

So yesterday kinda sucked. Went for a hike with friends, and that was good - a bit strenuous at times, which is definitely good (not that I didn't whine at the time!). But afterwards it was really difficult with the barbecue. My friends were curious about the elimination diet, and we made a fruit salad (with mango in another bowl, since I can't eat that yet), which was good. But I didn't bring enough variety for me. I had my venison burgers (which were meh - needed some flavoring in there but I forgot to add anything ahead of time), and the fruit salad. Oh, and some baby carrots. And there were so many incredible smells at the table - I think four or five different meats and sauces and stuff, and then of course, dessert later was insane. And I had fruit salad.

So yeah, that sucked. Trying to think of how I would've handled it if I wasn't on the elimination diet - there was chicken breast, so I probably would've had mostly that, with very little extra sauce. I would've had a rib, because I can't resist 'em. And I would need to try to resist on the desserts - split one of each of the two things maybe? Would I have been strong enough to only split one of them?

It was especially tough when everyone was eating dessert. I kinda hung out in the hallway outside the kitchen so I didn't have to watch everyone. One of the desserts was a chocolate cupcake topped with sea salt - and one of the guys cracked a joke that I could have the salt from the top. Kinda sucked even more. I *really* wanted a bite, you have no clue how good everything smelled! But I knew if I did that, I'd have to start over on this, and I don't want to throw away the ten days I've done. (Honestly, I'd probably just re-do the first four days with lamb/pears/rice/lentils and then jump back into day 10, but STILL, that would suck!) I just am really, really not used to completely depriving myself of something like that. I would've loved one bite, and I need to try to have that mentality going forward - just a small bite of a treat, not two whole desserts like some others had. Social eating is difficult!

There was a good thing from this though, and I'm really trying to focus on the good things here because that was pretty rough last night - normally I've noticed that when I exercise more, I tend to not actually lose weight. I think I tend to overcompensate on calories and such afterward as a "treat", and then get frustrated the next day when the scale goes up instead of down. But I did actually lose a little weight yesterday, which feels good. Although oddly this morning I feel a bit nauseated again, which happened a couple days ago, and is very annoying.

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