Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Elimination diet, day thirteen

Have I mentioned this sore throat problem? It's really annoying me. Blargh.

Today was soy - and after some struggle, I finally found a brand of soy milk that's just soy and water - nothing else added. Crazy how almost all soy milks have added sweeteners and other things (and don't get me started on almond and rice milks...). Anyway, I used some leftover brown rice today to make RICE PUDDING! Alas, rice pudding usually has an egg and also sugar, but mine wasn't too bad - added some maple syrup to get some sweetness. Cinnamon, too.

Also, today was barley - never cooked it before, and it's a hassle - soaking overnight and then an hour on the stove (and even on my lowest heat, it boiled over like mad). But it was relatively tasty, and something I hope to incorporate into my diet going forward.

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