Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Walk Away The Pounds

Responding to a question from Merry - what are the Walk Away The Pounds videos like? I found a clip of the one I've been doing most often on YouTube -

Alas, none of these are like walking through beautiful scenery or anything like that. ;) It's watching Leslie Sansone and her "friends" walk in place for an hour or so. There's a variety of steps, and some of the videos include some little bursts of jogging, and others use resistance bands or weighted balls or other fun things.

Leslie kinda gets annoying sometimes (especially when you've done the videos a lot!) - I *REALLY* wish there was a music-only option on these DVDs. It's nothing personal - I've shut up the extra talking on the EA Sports Active game as well. Leslie's a very proud Christian, and sometimes refers to that in the walks (and has a line of religious-inspired walks), but it doesn't seem preachy to me.

The 4 mile DVD I do most often has a 15 minute mile, followed by a 12 minute mile, 10 minute mile and I think the last one is about 15 minutes too. Stretching afterwards.

I'm a fan of using Netflix or your library to try out any fitness DVD before purchasing it. :)

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