Monday, August 17, 2009

Big gain overnight

Trying my best here to not obsess, but man...

Yesterday, had a healthy and nutritious breakfast, and then went out hiking. Spent about three hours in the mountains (and drank my 24 ounces of water while out there), and then had a very late lunch at a local pizza place. Split a salad (no dressing for me) and a cup of chili, and then had two slices of pizza, and two chocolate chip cookies. No soda, tons of water. Didn't really feel very hungry later on, so I had a 100 calorie pack and some nuts.

And this morning, stepped on the scale for a 1.8 pound weight gain overnight.

Nothing like wiping out about 10 days worth of work with one meal. WTF, body? I know I did not over-eat 7000 calories yesterday. I'm sure there was a good amount of sodium in that meal, so hopefully we'll see a big drop tomorrow but I know I'll be lucky if it's a pound drop. I never lose weight as fast as I gain it.

So today, started off with my high-fiber english muffin (topped with one tablespoon of peanut butter, trying to get in that healthy fat) and my whey protein drink, for a total of 270 calories. Lunch will be a Weight Watchers Smart Ones meal because I didn't get a chance to cook (and sent the leftover pizza with the husband for his lunch - did I mention he lost weight overnight, too?). I might try a salmon burger for dinner (bought 'em in the freezer section at Costco last week and haven't tried one yet). Trying to stay near the low end of my calorie range today, and low sodium as much as I can.

I hate Mondays. ;)

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