Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

This past weekend was, weight-wise, a repeat of the weekend before it. Saturday, I went to an "ice cream social" benefit and of course, had some ice cream. I knew this was going to happen, so I went for a 4 mile walk in the morning, and then after the benefit, went for another 6 mile walk. I had maybe two scoops of ice cream (it wasn't all that good and it was very soft - almost soupy - so I didn't eat very much of it), and a number of toppings. I indulged, and hoped that my exercise for the day would help. But it didn't. 2.2 pound gain the next morning.

I wish I understood how my body works. I can't live a life without good food on occasion - it's part of what I enjoy in life. ;) So by preparing, you'd think I could not have a stupid massive gain, eh? Had a healthy breakfast, went for the 4 mile walk, had a healthy lunch, ate the ice cream, went for a 6 mile walk, and then had a small dinner. WTF, body?

I meant to write this post on Sunday but didn't get a chance - I don't like blogging from work, and I kept just forgetting about it by the time I got home. Since Sunday's big gain, I lost 0.2 pounds on Monday, 0.2 pounds on Tuesday, and then 1.4 pounds this morning (odd). So that puts me still 0.4 pounds over where I was on Saturday morning, pre-ice-cream.

Thankfully, it does put me 1.2 pounds down for the week, and I'm still 0.42 pounds behind pace. I'm way, way ahead of step pace (468,000 right now), but my weight... c'mon.


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I know you wrote this on Wednesday, but just stopped by to say hi! Did you really walk 10 miles? My goodness, that's amazing!

Shannon said...

Yep, 10 miles! And of course, gained weight, but it's fun to get in some serious mileage on some days! :)

Thanks for stopping by! :D