Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2.6 pounds - almost double pace

It's odd - I've been on this "weight loss journey" for a long time (it's week 141 in my spreadsheet). But I feel like I'm almost starting over, since I've been stuck in this plateau for so long. So I'm going to start doing weekly weigh-in posts to hold myself accountable here (and hopefully actually *do* them for more than a week or two!).

As I mentioned last week, I'm aiming for 0.183 pounds lost a day. My scale only goes to .2 pounds, but we're looking at the long-term here. ;) If I can keep up with this pace, I will hit -100 pounds by mid-October. I'll be at my goal by my birthday in mid-February.

So here we are at the end of the first week of this new tracking, and I'm down 2.0 pounds. Hooray! A little bit ahead of pace. After seven days, I should be down 1.281 pounds, and instead I'm down 2.6. But to be fair, I had gained a bit before starting this (too many parties!), so I'm happy my body corrected. I'm nervous with the county fair coming up this weekend, along with a special dinner. I could just stay the same weight this week and still be on pace, but I'd really, really like to stay ahead this much. 1.281 pounds should be achievable! :)

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