Thursday, August 13, 2009

DIY Frozen Yogurt

Keepin' it simple at work, I've been bringing a container of yogurt with me each day and throwing it into the freezer in the early afternoon. I eat it two hours later, when it's mostly frozen through. It takes awhile to eat and I find it really refreshing.

I've been eating the Dannon Light and Fit yogurts, 80 calories per container, but I'm getting annoyed by the Splenda aftertaste. So yesterday and today, I put a half-cup of Trader Joe's Greek-style Nonfat yogurt into a cup-sized Gladware, and mixed in a tablespoon of homemade low-sugar strawberry preserves. It was quite tasty! The TJ's Greek-style is really, really thick. I think another tablespoon of the preserves would help perk up the flavor (or maybe use my peach preserves instead). It's a lot less calories and a ton more protein than the artificially-flavored Dannon action.

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