Monday, August 10, 2009

Body corrections

So after my last post, I dropped weight quickly the next two days - and then gained 0.2 the next day, and then a full pound the next. (And I walked 16000 steps each of those days!) I know slow and steady wins this race, so I know I need to be careful about not under-eating. Looking at my logs, I typically don't get their recommended amount of fat. Ironic, since I adore chocolate - but I tend to not eat it when I'm in diet-mode. I need to get out of diet-mode. ;) I should bring small amounts of chocolate to work so I can enjoy it and also make sure to stay in a healthy range.

I'm still on pace (actually 0.9 pounds ahead) and hope to keep chugging along at a respectable speed. Having one dinner out a week will hopefully keep this pace going (that was the 1 pound gain Sunday). Little miss slow and steady. ;)

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