Sunday, July 17, 2016

Detox, days 39 & 40 & 41: beans recovery

No issues arose with the beans - hooray!  I made an excellent zucchini rice casserole last night that I will definitely be making again :)

Yesterday was tough with a big family reunion and there were some slip-ups.  I made a massive mistake by not eating lunch ahead of time (and then food wasn't ready for almost 3 hours after we arrived!).  Very big lapse on my part.  Ended up overeating and felt like crap the rest of the night.

Today I felt sluggish and worn down, with a really sore mouth (roof of my mouth and upper/inner gums) - perhaps a weird reaction to something I ate yesterday?  So freaky.

Still planning to attack barley tomorrow, and then cow's milk on Wednesday.  Whee. ;)

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