Thursday, July 7, 2016

Detox, day 31: cheese & yogurt recovery

Well, crap.

My intestines decided tonight to rebel strongly against the cheese and yogurt - not sure which, of course.  I want to think it's because of the Greek yogurt I had - those probiotics weren't present at those levels over the past month, so maybe that just sent things into a tizzy.  So I'll take a few days off from yogurt and cheese, and when I'm ready to try it again, I'll do just the yogurt and see how that goes.

I am so disheartened by this.  It's so frustrating that my body seems to reject the things I like! ;)  And honestly, I don't want to drag out this reintroduction phase for the rest of the month.  I do plan on eating mostly detox-friendly foods for the long term, but man, I really want some sushi and a slice of cake.  Now.  ;)

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