Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fad diets

TiVo'd an episode of E's "THS Investigates" a week or two ago - this episode was all about fad diets. Pretty interesting stuff - at the end, there was a few minutes about my site of choice, (and yes, it's a very sane site and one that they said was helpful).

More interesting than the things that worked were the crazy diets that people used that didn't work, including people back in the late 1800's who basically drank liquid dynamite! Shockingly, many died because their bodies overheated. Doh. Crazy to think that our society's obsession with weight started all that time ago.

Scariest diet they showed: a tapeworm diet! AIE. Now, I'd love to lose ten pounds without dieting, but sheesh, I'm not going to eat a tapeworm! Ew. Ew!! More on that fabulous diet over at Big Fat Deal.

Tastiest diet they showed: the cookie diet. :D Sadly, not like the one I'd prefer with actually tasty cookies in addition to your other food - this was eating a couple of nasty-looking cookies for breakfast & lunch, and then a "sensible" dinner. As the ever-so-observant husband pointed out, sure, anyone would lose weight if they only ate one full meal a day. ;)

Back to my food tracking on sparkpeople and going for yet another long walk in the cold today...

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Michie said...

I hear ads on the radio all the time for the cookie diet, oddly enough. What do you mean, you don't want a tapeworm? Blech.