Monday, October 5, 2009

Wii Fit Plus

You know me and my Wii games ;)  Tonight I picked up the brand new Wii Fit Plus game. It's an expansion of the original Wii Fit game that came out last year, using the fun Wii Balance Board.  It looks like the folks at Nintendo listened to all the feedback on the original game.

So, the handy thing is that it has all of the original games and exercises, and it imports all of your data from the original game.  Handy!  

Amongst the bonuses of this expansion:

-- a bunch more games, including some insane balance-oriented games that kicked my butt
-- a handful extra yoga and strength moves
-- the ability to string together a bunch of yoga and strength moves - you can tell it how much time you have and it will put a workout together for you, or you can build your own
-- along the workout route, there are also more built-in workouts, based on what your goals are - things like form or lifestyle.  Work on your arms, or your shoulders, or relax.  Interesting!
-- it counts calories!  A nice move here, but done a little oddly - you can set a calorie goal, but it's based on food.  So, burn off a cup of whole milk, or a bag of chips or a chocolate bar (with calories displayed).  I'd prefer to just say I'd like to burn 200 calories and not equate it with food.  Silly.

More feedback to come, but so far, it's *definitely* worth the $20 for the expansion!

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