Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fruit 2Day Mango Peach

Fruit 2Day's web site says "It's not a juice. It's a snack."

No, it's not a snack either. It's a very frustrating waste of 120 calories.

It's a fruit juice blend with small bits of fruit in it. The Mango Peach flavor I bought contains:

"White grape juice from concentrate, mango puree, peach pieces, orange juice from concentrate, pineapple puree and pieces, acerola cherry juice from concentrate, lemon juice from concentrate, pear pieces, carrot juice from concentrate, natural flavor."

I would've thought - hey, how about just mango and peach in there. But they throw in no actual mango pieces - but pineapple pieces and SIX other juices. What the heck?

I didn't like the flavor and I didn't care for the texture. Yes, it's juice with little bits of peaches and PINEAPPLE (no mango pieces in here) - and the bottle design, though they think it's cute, means you can't actually get all of the fruit pieces out of the bottle. Their web site brags about how this product helps your "on-the-go lifestyle" - but not if you are going to be trying to get this product into your mouth while driving or anything. Sheesh. And it's expensive too - two bottles (one serving each) for $4.

So very not recommended.

Too lazy to type all the nutrition info, but it's 120 calories, 0g fat, 28g carb, 2g fiber, less than a gram protein.

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