Sunday, May 1, 2016

Goals - April report

April is done! Let's review the goals:
  1. Lose an average of one pound a week - not met.  Ugh.  So, see that happy lowest spot on the graph on the right (courtesy of the Happy Scale app)?  Awesome!  Right before my son's birthday, and before having my house filled with family for over a week.  For the month overall, I'm down around two pounds.  Disappointing, absolutely.  But at least it's still a loss?  Trying to look at the bright side but man, it is disheartening.
  2. Work out at least 20 times a month - met!  23 workouts this month, despite the houseguest invasion. ;)  I did have a three day gap with no workouts, and that sucked!  Otherwise, no more than one day off in a row - but still, the scale isn't pleased with me.  I'm glad I kept moving though - it's got to be helping me in ways beyond the numbers on the scale.  I do want to try a new workout at some point this month, too.
    Another nice point - I'm at over 100 workouts for the year! :D
  3. Cook one new (and healthy!) recipe a month - met!  I know I did at least two recipes, but I only remember right now the cauliflower mushroom risotto I made this week.  It was definitely not risotto - more like cauliflower stew with mushrooms - but both kiddo and husband ate it right up (along with me), so at least it wasn't a complete fail. ;)  Definitely need to make this a big priority in May.  
  4. Make an effort to eat clean and healthy the majority of the time - eh.  I'd say at least 60% of the time, but it was hard with the houseguests, and even yesterday, we got fries at Five Guys.  However, we did get just one order and split it between the three of us, and then came home and had a clean and healthy dinner.  I like to think that Five Guys fries aren't the worst fries we could've eaten (it's 3 ingredients - potatoes, peanut oil, salt) - and though their milkshakes looked incredible, we didn't get one.  One splurge at a time. ;)
Here's hoping that everything comes together better in May, and I get back onto that one pound a week trend!

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