Friday, April 29, 2016

Sworkit Kids app mini-review

I've downloaded some apps for my phone with the goal of getting my 4 year old more interested in fitness, and I'm continuing to post some mini-reviews as we try out these apps.

We tried "Sworkit Kids" next.  I first heard of Sworkit on Shark Tank - they've got an app for adults where you can build customized workouts that you can easily do at home with no additional equipment.  Sounds great!  

Even better, they've got a kids-focused version, though they do describe it as being for kids 7-14.  So I use this app with him and make the key decisions, and then we do the workouts together.  

First, you select the type of workout - strength, agility, or flexibility and balance (or you can create a custom workout but I haven't done that yet).  You can choose a time (5 minutes and up) and the app puts together 30 seconds of various exercises. again with a short demo (5 seconds) and then 30 seconds to do it -- with the exercise continuing to be shown. Bonus is that this is designed for kids, so you see kids doing the movements. 

I really, really like this app.  Watching the kid do the exercise while the countdown is happening is key.  After every 5 exercises, it gives a 30 second break which is nice.  The graphics are clean, the voice guidance is calming and clear, and there's a ton of customization in here to be explored.  It's also a free app and ad-free.  Highly recommended!

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