Wednesday, April 27, 2016

passing along the wrong genetics

I haven't written a lot about my son on my blog here, since I tend to selfishly focus on my weight loss journey.  My son just turned 4, and at his physical last week, the pediatrician gave us a lecture about nutrition because my son is technically obese.  He's 67%ile in height, 92%ile in weight and 96%ile in BMI.  

This breaks my heart.  I don't think he looks "fat" at all - he's got a little belly on him, but that doesn't seem excessive to me.  He seems tall, compared to his friends, but not apparently to the growth charts. ;)  

As you can guess, I've struggled with my weight my entire life - and this is something I've been hyper-aware about with the little guy.  His nutrition is great.  Only drinks water and one glass of milk a day.  Never any juice.  Lots of proteins and veggies and fruits, and whole grain carbs.  Sweets are a rare treat.  He just loves to eat - a lot.  

Lately we've been talking about which foods are good for your body and which foods you need to only have rarely.  It really helps that I don't keep crap food in our house and that we only eat out maybe twice a month.  (When relatives come to visit though, like they did this month, that number unfortunately goes up.)  

He's very much a homebody though - he loves to read and do puzzles and play with magnatiles and his new marble run and such.  He's happiest to be at home.  So we both need to work on incorporating more movement into our time at home - and also get more activity outside as well!  Luckily the weather is improving and hopefully we'll get out to parks more often.  Hopefully he'll also get interested in his bicycle more than just walking it. ;)

If you have kids, how do you show them a healthy lifestyle?

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