Monday, August 8, 2011

New goal for the week: 7000 calories burned

Trying something different - I'm only weighing myself on Wednesdays (the day I always record my weight, back from the ol' Weight Watchers weigh-ins). So instead of focusing on my weight, I'm focusing on something I can actually impact: exercise. I joined 24 Hour Fitness last week, and made it to several classes.

This week, my goal is to burn 7,000 calories in classes (according to my heart rate monitor). Of course, if you do the basic math, that *should* result in a two pound weight loss, too (3500 calories = 1 pound). I'm going to also go back to tracking what I eat in - I'm sure my calories consumed have been out of whack lately.

Today is Monday, and I've gone to two classes this morning already! ;) 766 in one and 454 in another - 1,220 to start! Woo!

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