Saturday, August 13, 2011


OK, so I know I've mentioned this in the past - for the last few years, I've been wearing a pedometer every day and aiming for that elusive 10,000 steps a day (the amount that is generally considered a baseline for good health).

In 2008, I walked 3,748,400 steps - 10,241 average per day.
In 2009, I walked 3,836,700 steps - 10,511 average per day.
In 2010, I walked 3,011,694 steps - 8,251 average per day.

Clearly, I had issues last year. ;) New job, new house, surgery recovery - just a lot of excuses. I did get my butt in gear near the end of the year, but I was averaging less than 60% for the first 8 months, so that was pretty insurmountable.

This year, things were kinda falling into the same bad pattern. Got laid off at the end of March and found myself walking even less, and then thankfully a friend pushed me into going with her to some dance workout classes. And this month, I have pushed things into gear...

monthtotal stepsaverage steps per daynumber of steps ahead/behind of pace

As of today, I have hit 255,000 steps for the month (that's more in 13 days than I did in the entire individual months of February, March and April!)... and that, my friends, has brought me back up to pace! I'm actually 1,000 steps ahead of pace. ;) I have to hope that the weight will eventually fall into line with all of this working out and walking.

Hooray for catching up to pace. 2,251,000 steps done so far, 1,399,000 to go.

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